Everyone wants their hair to be of good quality, especially for women, it is very confident to be able to show out bright and beautiful hair. After washing your hair, a hair dryer is an essential thing, but some people say that it is not good to blow your hair. Here we are going to talk about the correct way to blow your hair and some tips on hair care.

The correct way of using hair dryer to blow your hair

Choose a smart hair dryer
The smart hairdryer can maintain a certain temperature. If you continue to blow a certain area and cause the temperature of that part of the hair to become too hot, the hair dryer will turn on a red light. It is ideal to keep the hair dryer at least 10 cm away from the hair when blowing. This should be done: first, remove the water from the hair, and then use a hot air blower with a strong wind to close the hair scales and then stop, let the hair dry naturally and completely

Comb your hair before shampooing
In addition to combing the hair before washing, one of the most important purposes is to comb out the dirt hidden deep in the scalp, so that the dirt can be washed out when the hair is washed.
This should be done: Find a comb with wider teeth and slowly comb the hair through. If the hair is very dirty, comb the dirt on the surface of the hair before turning on the shower.

The three-stage temperature should be used
Choose a three-stage (low, medium, and high temperature) hairdryer, the wattage should not be too high, and it is best to choose warm hair first, and then change to low temperature after the roots are dried.

Use a towel to dry your hair
Many people use a towel to rub their hair vigorously after washing their hair, but you should do it carefully. Although it will not damage the hair, it will disturb the direction of the hair scales. If you use a hot air blower later, it is easy to damage the hair.
It should do this:

You need to use a dry towel to dry your hair first
After shampooing, first, use a dry towel to absorb the moisture from the hair. It is about no dripping before using the hairdryer. Otherwise, too much moisture will cause the hairdryer to work for too long, and the hair will naturally dry out when the hair continues to be exposed to high temperatures. Since the hair is more likely to be injured when it is wet, it is best not to rub it with a towel. When using a towel, you can put your hair in the middle of the towel to let it absorb moisture. People with longer hair can use a towel to clamp the tip of the hair to absorb moisture at the end.

To isolate the hair
For better protection of the hair, it is best to apply heat-insulating hair care products in a semi-dry state, so that even heat treatment will not damage the hair, and it can also promote the entry of hair care ingredients into the hair. Before using the hair dryer, you can apply a heat-insulating product (hair oil) to the hair to isolate the overheated temperature before the hair to prevent the hair protein from being damaged and causing the hair to break at high temperatures. After blowing the hair, you can apply some hair conditioner (disposable type) to maintain the hair.

Dividing the hair into sections to blow
If the hair is thicker and thicker, you can blow part by part, which makes it easier to dry. First, tie the upper hair to the top of the head and dry the lower hair. Then release the wetness on the top of the head, and then blow-dry, in turn, otherwise, the hair on the surface may be dry, but the roots inside are still very moist.

Hot wind does not hurt your hair
This is a misunderstanding that most people walk into. They are worried that the hot air of the hot air blower will make their hair drier and even damage their hair. These people have used the wrong hair-blowing method. The temperature should not be too high, and the blowing time should not be too long. This will not affect the hair quality.
The correct way is as follows:

Keep a good distance between the hair dryer and the scalp
The hair dryer should be kept 20-30cm away from the hair. Avoid letting it touch the hair. Too close will cause heat damage to the hair. It is best not to hold the hair around the air outlet to avoid burns or inhalation of excessive electromagnetic waves.

Keep moving the hairdryer, when blowing the hair
A common mistake that many people make is that the hairdryer is stationary when blowing on an area so that the concentration of heat in one area can easily cause hair damage. So in the beginning, the hairdryer starts from the top of the head, one hand flicks the hair away, and the other hand moves the hair dryer.