About us

About us

What is pelcas?

Pelcas is a brand built from 2015, focusing on women’s beauty and health care. Our mission is to help more women get beauty and protect their face skin.


Using method:

Materials to be prepared: pelcas microneedling sets, physiological saline 200ml, alcohol 200ml, iodophor skin disinfectant 100ml

1 pack of gauze, 1 pack of cotton swabs, 2 syringes, a pair of sterile medical gloves, 4 sets of cups, and a mirror


  1. Wash your face first, tie up your hair, and wear a hair tie. Wash your face, prepare to apply anesthetic, apply a thin layer each time, similar to a sleeping mask, wait for half an hour, poke your face hard without obvious pain, but the time should not be too long, because the anesthetic will also burn the skin.

      2. Disinfect the tools after applying the anesthetic. Pour the alcohol into half of a cup of the saline solution, and put the rolling needle in the alcohol              cup for 20 minutes. Rinse with saline. Reason: to prevent alcohol from affecting the activity of growth factors. All materials have been opened and            installed, as shown in Figure 2.

  1. Wash your face, wash off the anesthetic on your face, be sure to wash it with facial cleanser, not simply wipe it with gauze, otherwise it will not be cleaned up.
  2. Use a cotton swab to dip iodophor to disinfect the face twice. You can wipe it with a mirror, and then use a cotton swab to dip in saline to wipe off iodophor. The cotton swab can be thrown in other empty cups to avoid messy desktop.
  3. Use gauze dipped in alcohol to wipe your hands, open the medical sterile gloves and put them on. I usually only bring my right hand, and then I don’t touch anything except the syringe and the rolling needle. (in the process)
  4. Start the operation formally, first suck the imported essence or other products with the syringe, apply it to the skin surface (remember to pull out the needle), and then use a roller needle to roll back and forth in the area in the shape of a rice.
  5. After rolling several times, use a syringe to smear the skin once (be careful not to overdo it, or it will be left on the neck) so that the product penetrates the skin along with the wound that rolls out, and repeat the operation until the face is completely rolled.
  6. Apply the repairing essence and wait for five minutes, then put on the repairing mask, I use the crystal mask and stick it for 1h as shown in the figure.