Cordless AirBrush Makeup Kit for Face Body Home SPA Cake Decoration, Model Coloring, Manicure, Tattoo, Art Drawing (Pink)



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  • 💖【High quality & easy to use】:PELCAS spray gun is made of stainless steel, which can bear high pressure environment, is resistant to wear and oxidation, to ensure that the built-in high pressure engine is durable and the injection pipe is not easy to be blocked. The air brush spray paint kit is specially designed for beginners and professionals. It can be used easily by pressing the switch button after simple deployment of spray paint. It can be used normally without reading the instructions.
  • 💦【Single Action Spray Gun & Replaceable Fluid Cup】:The PELCAS mini compact air compressor is equipped with a single-action spray gun with a protective air pump. The one-piece structure can be used directly even without an air hose. The single-action spray gun kit is equipped with a detachable 5ML metal liquid cup, or you can replace it with our 20ML or 40ML liquid cup. The well-designed volumetric liquid cup is used for different usage scenarios.
  • 💯【Pressurized Atomization & Nano Penetration】:Upgraded makeup spray gun kit with 0.5 mm nozzle.pressurized technology to enhance the atomization function.better resistance to clogging. 0.2pa can atomize high-viscosity water-based skin care products and provide better skin care effects.Nano atomization is safer and will not harm the skin.It is easier to penetrate into the skin .applied to spray paint,sprayed paint is uniform and fine,No residue, no waste, no clogging problem.
  • 🍁【Upgraded Battery Capacity & Portability】:Water Oxygen machine provides 5W Power.charging at red light,1.5H can be fully charged with green light.normal use of 1.5-2H each time.The powerful 900mAh battery capacity can provide longer use time .500g weight is easy to carry.Fully enjoy the fun and skin SPA when using the PELCAS spray gun.,Not only can the airflow at the end of the spray gun be controlled, but also the amount of paint can be controlled by the trigger on the spray gun pen.

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