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PELCAS Electric Dermapen

Why choose us?

1. The microneedling pen is suitable for the skin of the whole body, with simple operation and obvious effect.

2. There are 3replacement needles in the package, sealed sterile needles without any risk of infection.

3. Open the pores and improve the skin’s efficient absorption of skin care products and essence.

4. Made with the latest technology, deep into the dermis, acne, acne marks, thick horny.

5. Healthy skin, keep the skin supple and shiny, start to become beautiful from the cells.

6. The micro-needle is painless and has little damage to the skin. The LED intelligent display screen can accurately control the scale, making the operation more convenient.

7. Less cost, save the cost of going to the beauty salon, restore your beautiful appearance, and become a more confident self.

8. Professional tools, you are your own skin expert.

Nanotechnology Technology

Nano microneedling pen are painless, non-invasive, safe, and safe to promote penetration.

Open the stratum corneum of the skin to allow skin nutrients to penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, but not touch the dermis, so that it is painless and non-invasive, and it can also ensure the absorption of nutrients.

The beauty effect is obvious.


Product Function Introduction

The details reflect the ingenuity of the product craftsmanship. PELCAS products provide a one-month return no reason. If you encounter any problems during use in the future, please sent message directly through the after-sales mailbox or Amazon backstage. We will give you satisfaction within 12H Reply.

Precision Scale Adjustment

Adjust the needle length within the range of 0.25-2.0MM to adapt to different projects and different groups of people. It is recommended to start using 0.25 for beginners. Those who are skilled can have a high scale.


Powerful Power

Charging for 1.5 hours, battery life for 2 weeks, 400mh power with a 1.5 meter long power cord, it can be directly plugged in and used for charging.


Suitable For Various Skins

The skin is dull yellow and dull, and the pores are horny.

Acne, acne marks, scars, freckles, thick keratin, dry and dead skin and other skin problems.


Beautiful & Easy To Carry

The exquisite and compact micro-needle instrument is easy to carry and can be put in a carry-on handbag, so you can take care of skin problems on time no matter where you go.

How To Usd Our Microneedling pen?

1. clean needles with alcohol

2. Clean your face with facial cleanser

3. Use skin care products

4. Use the microneedle pen on the skin, select the appropriate microneedle head, adjust the length of the microneedle pen, and control the force and angle

5. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes

6. Apply cream to moisturize and moisturize the skin

Best Gift for You

Exquisite gift packaging, whether it is a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a time worth celebrating, it is the best gift choice.

The personal best skin care medical device can be used for skin care at home. It has passed FDA certification, is safe and reliable, has obvious effects, and is a trusted product.

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