PELCAS Air Airbrush Makeup Machine for Healthy Skin 24 shades



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  • [Full body skin care] There are two different gears. The control button can control the spray speed. The distance between 3.9inch and 5.9inch is the best. The nano-level atomized liquid foundation can be quickly and evenly applied to the whole body. Spa treatment is provided at home. You can enjoy the therapeutic effects of the beauty salon. After using, please use the clean water to spray again to prevent clogging the nozzle.
  • [Efficient foundation skin care] 2 levels can be adjusted, the sprayed liquid foundation sprayed on the face after atomization, the skin is smoother and more delicate, the application is more even, 10 drops of liquid foundation can efficiently and quickly finish makeup, after 5 minutes of continuous work It will pause by itself, and will start again after tapping the switch.
  • [Pressurized Atomization & Nano Penetration] Upgraded makeup spray gun kit with 0.5 mm nozzle.pressurized technology to enhance the atomization function.better resistance to clogging. Nano atomization is safer and will not harm the skin.It is easier to penetrate into the skin under high pressure and is evenly distributed and easily absorbed.
  • [Easy operation & multi-function] Simply put the liquid foundation into the Air Airbrush and spray it on the skin. The atomized liquid foundation can adhere to the pores on the skin, enhance skin cell metabolism, whiten the skin, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Anti-aging, skin elasticity. Prevent skin pigmentation.

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