PELCAS Anti-aging Galvanic Wand with 42°C Heated / Cooling / EMS Mode


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  • 【Multifunctional Eye Massager】PELCAS adopt the newest micro-current & EMS technology to massage and tighten your skin around the eye (It’s Better to Use with Eye Cream). Ideal for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, dark circle and swelling around the eyes and relieve eyes fatigue.
  • 【EMS Function & 5 Modes】EMS current deeply into the muscle layer, which would be achieve firmness and improve muscle relaxation around the eyes. 5 working modes have different function, suitable for most eye problems. It’s a perfect gift for people who wear glasses, staying up late and working overtime.
  • 【42℃ Heating & 5-10°C Cooling】The galvanic wand with 12000 times/min high vibration. In cooling mode, the temperature of the massage head can be reduced to 5℃-10℃, helps shrink pores, lock water and moisturize, elimination of edema,etc.; In heating mode, the massage head can reach 42℃ constant temperature, prevent dry eyes, relieve eye fatigue, promote metabolic circulation and skin rejuvenation,etc.
  • 【45° Design & USB Recharge】45° oblique angle design smooth and gentle to the touch, absolutely fit the eye skin, lift and massage the eye corners and skin around the eyes. It is lightweight and portable, with fast USB Interface charging, easy to carry.

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