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  1. Hamed vali

    I bought this as a gift for my friend. She works a lot with computer and has always a headache, which starts around the eyes. Since she is using this she has mild headaches and sometimes she doesn’t have it for couple of days. In general it’s good to have and helpful. Also it’s small pocket size device. Easy to handle.

  2. Jason

    I bought this for my gf, she loves it. She keeps using it everyday, it is portable, functions with different mode. She uses it to start a beautiful day with more energy!

  3. Amazon Customer

    I like it’s affordable, portable, ice cold for calming and nice warm for relaxing. Love it!

  4. Alicia

    Love this wand for the nice design, portable and easy to use, warm and stable temperature, gentle vibration. I would recommend it.

  5. Kei Yan Wong

    I like the product very much! With this product, I don’t need to use my fingers to massage my eyes anymore! The contact surface is very comfortable. With the 4 modes directions, I have learned how to treat my eyes more healthy!

  6. Mike E.

    Love this wand, I have noticed a difference in puffiness easy to use

  7. Woodland Dream

    I use this to smooth my eye cream on. I love the heat setting on vibrate to help soothe tired eyes. 🙂

  8. Dillon Davis

    Love this pen! it’s very easy to use, after washing my face, i will apply some eye cream and turn on the pen. I normally use the red light with vibration to message my eye, i can see it makes my eye cream absorb faster.Sometime in the morning when i will use the blue light to reduce swelling under my eyes. I think it’s a good product.

  9. pelcas

    Je travaille énormément sur ordi et j’ai les yeux très fragilisés! Ce petit appareil, je n’y croyais pas je diis l’avouer! J’en ai des différents mais aucun de cette petite taille qui chauffe et vibre en temps ! Il tient très bien en main et petite astuce: sur les tempes et au milieu des 2 yeux, humm cela fait tellement de bien! Et je finis par tout le visage: génial à petit prix je recommande à 1000% homme comme femme : bien graisser sa peau avant

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Cold and hot ions,Fades eye wrinkles,Eye cream import,Improve eye bags,Hot and cold vibration,Tighten the skin,Promote blood circulation.

Different color options

Choose the color that belongs to you, which is relatively small. Many designs will take into account the skin of the eye. The eye beauty device has the effects of eye massage, eye lifting, eye anti-aging, etc.

EYE MASSAGER WAND effect is obvious

Eyes are the windows of the soul, take care of your eyes. Keep using it, the effect is obvious. It is your essential eye protection device.

Four functions

1. Ice + Blue Light Mode: Shrink pores, improves edema, eye bags and wrinkle ect.

2. Hot + Red Light Mode: Relieve eye fatigue, dilute dark circle.

3. Ice + Blue Light + Massage Mode: Promote absorption of eye cream to relieve fatigue, redness and pain. Activate skin around the eyes.

4. Hot + Red Light + Massage Mode: Promote blood circulation, enhance the firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.

Detail craft show

Easy to carry:Small and portable eye massager wand, follow you wherever you go, use it anytime every day.

USB interface charging:Universal USB charging port, convenient for charging.

Non-slip:The surface is frosted, and the hand feels soft and delicate. Not easy to slip off.

45° design: The cut surface of the massager is in full contact with the face. The contact area is maximized, and the cut surface contact will not damage the skin, and the effect is best.

Best Gift

The beautiful packaging and excellent products are very suitable for giving to a girlfriend or family. Birthday or Christmas is the best moment.

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