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PELCAS Professional Jewellery Cleaner Portable Machine (750ml)

  • 💦【Professional Cleaner】PELCAS Professional Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with powerful frequency of up to 42,000 Hz, Thoroughly cleans dirt & grime from tiny crevices in minutes and will not damage your valuables. NOTE: When cleaning very dirty products, Please use warm water and special cleaning liquid, repeatedly clean to achieve better results.
  • 🔥【5 Cycles Timer & 3 Power Mode】Ultrasonic cleaner with 5 cycles timer (180s, 280s, 380s, 480s, 90s) to meet different cleaning purposes, the LED digital indicator will display the cleaning time. 3 optional clean power (02-03-01), "02" is displayed auttomatically, which is the most common used power. "03" is the strongesr power and "01" is the weakest power. You can choose power freely every time press "power" button.
  • 💘【Detachable 304 SUS Tank】PELCAS upgrade ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with detachable 304 stainless steel tank, which is more convenient to do the pouring and wiping. And 304 SUS materal is stronger and more durable. The Tank Size:14.5cm (L) x 12.5cm (W)x 4.5cm (H) , The Basket Size: 13.5cm (L) x 11.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H); The Maximum Water Level: 600ml.
  • 🍁【Wide Application & Large Space Capacity】Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner with a 750ml large stainless steel tank and removable basket, watch stand, CD rack. It's an ideal device for cleaning jewelry, glasses, watches, CD, razors and more household products. Before cleaning, please check carefully whether the coating of the glasses is damaged. If yes, please do not clean to avoid enlarging the damaged area of the coating.
  • 🎁【Package Include & Sales Service】1X Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1X Basket, 1X Watch Holder, 1X User Manual. PELCAS provides 12 months warranty and friendly 24 hours customer service. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free contact us, we will try our best to solve them, please be assured of purchase!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Suzi Melone Silversmith Artistic Designs
Most Amazing Deep Cleaning jewelry cleaner

It’s end of season for silversmith (snowbird) so everyone goes back to their Cold home .. which should start to be getting warmer now.. this device is Magic. And I have used them all I just use A little Dawn with it. No expensive cleaner. Addictive.
It’s always best if you clean like metals together.
I have not tried rusty file.. I would use white vinegar on it and keep hitting that button for several hours or until you see the rust flaking off — literally pulling away

Easy to use and cleans well

I wanted this primarily to clean silver jewelry. I have earrings and chains with much tarnish. I cleaned three pairs of earrings and I have to say that they look much better. I used only water. Next, I cleaned my eyeglasses which get oily from my eyelashes. The seem to clean well but I wiped them with an anti-fog wipe just in case. This is such a help in managing the condition of my silver jewelry.

Color me impressed

I agreed to review this product via the VINE program and below are my comments.

Even with a free cleaning at my local jeweler the problem is I seldom have the time to drop by. With this product coupled with my (Blitz) cleaning solution I never saw my wife jewelries sparkles like this in some time! I wish I would have taken photos of the before and after to show how well it works.

(-) None at the moment but, I will update this review as necessary.

Bottom Line:
Results are just impressive. For some jewelries that had not been worn for a long time, it might need a couple of passes but, the end result is always great. That said, this is an easy 5-stars!

1. Sure you can use tap water with this product but if you really like to see it full potential, use it with a (blitz) cleaning solution. And you can thank me later.

Was my review helpful? Click "Helpful" to let me know. Feedback helps me increase the value of real user reviews for shoppers. I know reviews always help me to decide.

Happy Customer
Works great on nuts and bolts!

I ordered this ultrasonic cleaner to assist me in my never ending quest for cleanliness, the current endeavor being a motorcycle restoration. There's no end to crusty and dirty pieces from that machine, and this thing handles it all like a champ!

From nuts and bolts to brake calipers, there has been very little that this little guy can't help me clean. Using hot water and a degreaser (I use Simple Green or Purple Power), this thing can turn a crusty fastener back to new in just a few minutes. It has removed junk from previously cleaned parts that I thought to be spotless, only to see waves of filth coming off once I put them into this ultrasonic cleaner.

My only complaint is that the timer seems to be fairly short, this one only has options up to eight minutes. I'd like to see 20 or 30 minute options, but considering that this is marketed more towards delicate jewelry, I can't complain too much. I just turn the thing back on if the parts aren't clean enough.

Overall, this is a great buy! Definitely helps to take some leg work out of cleaning, giving you more time and freedom to work on other things in the process. Makes a great addition to my workshop!

Easy to use and works great!

My husband asked for an ultrasonic cleaner for his eyeglasses and razor heads for his electric shaver. This cleaner was so easy to use, and did a fantastic job. The cleaning tank is removable from the base, which make is what really sets this apart from other cleaners. Inside the cleaning tank, is a removable plastic basket to hold your items. The interior basket is just large enough to hold a pair of glasses, and some jewelry items. The tank and basket are oval shaped.

We used warm tap water and the recommended one tsp of dish soap, then tossed in my husbands razor head from his Braun shaver. As soon as we turned it on, I was amazed at all the gunk that immediately started lifting out of the razor. Not only hair, but what looked like dead skin cells. Yuck! After cleaning, the razor head looked like new. This ultrasonic cleaner did a fantastic job, I highly recommend it.

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