The eye beauty device outputs a bioelectric current that mimics the human body, enters the muscle cells through the skin, stimulates the energy ATP contained in the cells, and restores the normal operation and function of the cells. The PELCAS eye massage wand brings together the latest technology – using the latest micro-current technology to massage and tighten the skin around the eyes, and preset computer programs to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags, and dark circles in the shortest possible time. Tighten and refine the eye skin to help you regain beautiful charming eyes.

What are the benefits of the PELCAS eye massage wand?

  • Exercise and tighten the skin muscles around the eyes, enhance its elasticity, unblock the lymphatic fluid in the skin around the eyes, dredge the retained water, reduce eye wrinkles, tighten eye bags, relieve eye fatigue, and make dark circles Dodge.
  • Promote blood circulation in the eye, enhance the metabolism of eye skin cells, fully relax the brain nerves, and have a good effect on people suffering from poor sleep and insomnia.
  • Strengthen the natural self-healing ability of eye skin cells and tissues to prevent the deepening of eye diseases such as myopia and amblyopia. Besides, it can reduce dark circles, bags under the eyes, and puffy eye problems.
  • The PELCAS eye massage wand uses the four functions of micro-electric pulse, carrier frequency, bipolar radiofrequency, and ultra-low temperature control to perform eye micro-surgery, and uses mechanical therapy, air pressure therapy, hyperthermia, and magnetic therapy. For comprehensive relief and repair of the eye after surgery.
  • This eye skin beauty device can completely repair the aging and dry eye skin, various eye bags, edema and dark circles, bloodshot eyeballs, and restore your charming eyes, keep your youthful years, and make you the star forever.