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Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit for Beginners Compatible with Many Types of Liquid Foundation

Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit for Beginners Compatible with Many Types of Liquid Foundation

Do you think that airbrush makeup kit is for makeup pro only? with at-home airbrush makeup kit, you can achieve a flawless skin and a natural finish in minutes, very great for beginners. 

Airbrush is an advanced technique that uses compressed air to spray a mist of makeup on your skin. Comparing with regular makeup, aribrushing is faster to apply, and last longer.

PELCAS Airbrush makeup kit


 What are Benifits of  Airbrush Makeup?

1. Fast makeup speed.

Airbrush makeup can complete basic base makeup in just one minute, which can save more time.

2. Makeup is evenly applied, light, thin, transparent, natural and flawless, can cover spots, blemishes, fine lines and dull, yellowish complexion well on the face as well.

3. Clean and hygienic without touching the skin.

Different from the application effect of sponge and puff, airbrush does not touch the skin, the foundation is sprayed with air, and there is no friction with the skin. The bumps and bumps of the skin do not clog pores. However, when applying makeup with sponges and puffs, the thickness of the foundation is often different in order to fill in the unevenness of the skin, and there will also be color difference.

Choose An Airbrush Makeup Kit for Both Beginners and Professionals

PELCAS cordless airbrush makeup kit comes with upgraded engine which proivdes stronger pressure than similar products on the market. If you want to use your own foundation and are just looking for an airbrush machine, pick up this one from PELCAS. You can mix your already-loved color right in, and it only takes a few drops. This kit comes with the machine, tip cover, and empty canisters to add your own makeup to. 

Why Choose PELCAS Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit?

This cordless airbrush makeup kit is compatible with almost all type of liquid foundation. Expecially, It is suitable for use with very thin water-soluble liquid makeup.

The even spray foundation can well cover acne marks, freckles, dark circles and other skin problems, and can effectively fill the pores and make the skin smoother and more delicate.

 If you're looking for a good airbrush spray, or have always wanted to try airbrush makeup, the PELCAS Cordelss Airbrush Makeup is a great choice.

1. One key switch, very easy-to-use

2. Does not make makeup look caked, it makes you look more smooth, natural and even.

3.. There is only a short learning curve. If you are a beginner, in order to get a better makeup look, you need to have a practice process. Don't worry that the process will be very fast. Generally, you can master it after three practice sessions.

4. Once you get the hang of how to use it, it's very creative, whether it's for
makeup, paint, or any other way.

5. Portable and Rechargeable. Equipped with Large super-capacity, charging for 1.5 hours (Type C fast charge), working time 2-3 hours (continuously more than 60 minutes)



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