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PELCAS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Professional Protable Thermal Tattoo Kit With Free 10pcs Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper

PELCAS transfer tattoo machine
PELCAS tattoo stencil printer
PELCAS tattoo stencil transfer machine
PELCAS thermal stencil machine
PELCAS thermal transfer machine
PELCAS tattoo transfer stencil machine
PELCAS best tattoo stencil machine
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how to use a tattoo stencil printer
PELCAS transfer tattoo machine
PELCAS tattoo stencil printer
PELCAS tattoo stencil transfer machine
PELCAS thermal stencil machine
PELCAS thermal transfer machine
PELCAS tattoo transfer stencil machine
PELCAS best tattoo stencil machine
professional tattoo stencil machine
how to use a tattoo stencil printer

PELCAS tattoo stencil printer are used to help a tattoo artist transfer a tattoo design onto the skin and continue tattooing without making mistakes, especially for a new beginner. Easy to use this tattoo thermal copier to print the tattoo pattern you love or what you design on the transfer paper, then press the paper firmly and let it sit for a minute. Remove the paper, you will see the pattern onto your skin. Compared to the traditional tattoo machine, pelcas stencil printer is more effective and convenient.

Why Choose PELCAS Tattoo Stencil Transfer Machine?

1. Low noise & efficient printing

Pelcas stencil machine for tattoo adopt ABS material, work effectively for a long time, suitable for both freehand and print pattern. Low noise, the process of transferring a manuscript intact within 10 seconds, do not have to worry to disturb others.

2. Overheating indicator lights

Pelcas tattoo printer won’t overheating in normal use, but if it works for a long time, the indicator lights will turn red to show TPH overheating. Note: The green indicator lights will light on when the machine working.

3. Adjustable Fine Resolution

Adjustable photo or fine resolution. Mirror copy and normal copy have overheating warning. Users can choose between mirror, photo and two depth (I and II) settings to suit the required template copy.


1. In order to get a better transfer effect, after transferring 1-2 sheets, the tattoo transfer machine should rest for a few minutes.

2. In order to protect the tattoo transfer machine, please do not transfer continuously, let it cool down after long time use.

4. Easy To Use & Economical

No ink, no need to replace parts. Suitable for tattoo template paper, with fast printing speed and low noise. Pelcas tattoo copier, copy your design onto your skin flawlessly. 

Free 10 sheets of transfer tattoo paper (in the package) & 300 transfer patterns 

 How To Use PELCAS Tattoo Stencil Printer?

Pelcas thermal stencil machine


Operation Instruction Video:


Step 1 – Remove the protect film of the transfer paper, place the tattoo transfer paper into the printer tray. Make sure that the paper is position properly. The white side of the paper should face the printer head. This is how it will receive the ink and actually print out a design.

Step 2 – when the printing is done, remove the paper from the printer tray and allow it to dry down completely.

Step3 – Transferring the design onto the skin. Make sure that the design side is placed down, so it can transfer properly. Press the paper firmly and let it sit for a minute. Then, remove the paper and admire your work.

PELCAS Thermal Tattoo Stencil Printer User Manual

PELCAS Thermal Tattoo Stencil Printer Specification

Weight: 1.17Kg
Effective Scanning Width: 210 mm
Document size: A5-A4
Document Type: Fine/Photo
Document Thickness: 0.06 mm-0.15mm
Power: AC 110V-220V; 50Hz/0.46A
Power Consumption: Standby 5W
Type: PELCAS Tattoo Transfer Machine
Package Size: 290 mm(W) x 280(D) x 80mm(H)

 Packing List

1 x Main Unit

1 x Power Cord

1 x User Manual 

10 x Transfer Papaer 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sophisticated and simple to use

I bought this tattoo transfer stencil machine for a friend of mine that is a tattoo artist. He doesn't have one of these of his own, he uses the tattoo shop's machine where he works. I thought this would be a nice Christmas gift for him and help him in his career. I purchased this is black but it also comes in silver. I like that it also comes with a huge pack of stencil transfer paper, so no need to buy it separately! This cones with everything you need to get started. I like that it has different deepness factors to choose from and it's fairly sophisticated in being able to fill in the deepness. You can print in photo as well as mirror images depending on your need. It's pretty easy to operate and comes with a detailed instruction manual. Great gift for any tattoo artist!

Working great !!!

This tatto transfer machine would be perfect for someone starting out or even someone already in the tattoo business. Pelcas Tattoo Transfer Machine simple and convenient to use, and the transfer process can be completed quickly without the aid of other tools, and there is no harm to the skin. When there is no formal tattoo, it can be easily cleaned and changed. Pelcas Tattoo Transfer Machine easier to trace the manuscript, which saves a lot of time, and does not worry about mistakes in the process of drawing the manuscript, so that everyone has more choices to find a unique charm, exclusive memory, and precious memorial.Unique tattoos show different beauty. So this machine has so many advantages, I would highly recommend!!

Use the included transfers to practice

I felt that this was easy to set up, and we have multiple devices. If you are unfamiliar with tattoo transfer printers or this printer, us the included transfers to practice and joy down a few notes for creating the best transfer. I did a play around day with it first and I feel very comfortable transferring my art onto this printer.

Tattoo stencil machine

I am a tattoo artist and my stencil machine stopped working so I purchase this one as a replacement it works a lot better then my old machine very nice print out very easy to setup and works as it should so if you are a tattoo artist and our looking for a very nice quality tattoo stencil printer this is well worth the money

Ronny Acosta
Accurate printing

What's great about this printer is that it came with everything in order for me to not only test this but to try it out to make sure it works and works as it is advertised. I included a video showing how it works and show that it works really great. So the printer itself acts as a copy machine and whatever drawing that I draw, what prints out is an exact copy that comes out. When it comes to using, I already have this plugged in at all times. The only thing I do is turn it off. Before using, I turn it on and allow it to warm up before I put in the transfer paper. Once warmed and ready, I insert the transfer paper and then insert my drawing face down. I then press the copy button and it copies my drawing with no added lines or hiccups like I would get with my actual copy machine. Once done, I'm able to transfer my drawing onto any skin and then tattoo. Not only is it so easy to use but I get an accurate copy which has made my life so much easier. Not to mention the quality of this is very accurate.

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