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PELCAS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Free 10pcs Paper Copier

  • 💖[Excellent Material & Efficient Printing]: ABS material, environmentally friendly, safe and durable, can be used for a long time. Compared with other tattoo transfer printers, the PELCAS printer has low noise, fast transfer speed, and more importantly, it will not overheat easily. And you don’t have to worry about messy bulbs or belts that often need to be replaced.
  • 💖[High-Quality Printing]: The transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, and the paper can be reserved for better copying. Two indicator lights, the power light shows when the machine starts to work, and the error light shows that there is a problem with the machine, such as TPH overheating.
  • 💖[Adjustable Fine Resolution]: Adjustable photo or fine resolution. Mirror copy and normal copy have overheating warning. Users can choose between mirror, photo and two depth (I and II) settings to suit the required template copy.Note: 1. In order to get a better transfer effect, after transferring 1-2 sheets, the tattoo transfer machine should rest for a few minutes. 2. In order to protect the tattoo transfer machine, please do not transfer continuously, let it cool down after long time use.
  • 💖[Easy To Use & Economical]: No ink, no need to replace parts. Suitable for tattoo template paper, with fast printing speed and low noise. Lightweight, simple and reliable copier, copy your design to your skin flawlessly.Free 10 sheets of transfer tattoo paper (in the package) & 300 transfer patterns by email.
  • 💖[Quality Assurance & After-Sales]: PELCAS are committed to providing 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best customer service. If you have any questions about the tattoo transfer template machine, please feel free to contact us. All PELCAS products provide 30-day No reason to refund, 12-month replacement support after-sales service, and 24H online reply, please rest assured to buy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
This is pretty cool

Pretty cool device. It’s litwweight - doesn’t feel heavy duty whatsoever.
They stated in the listing they would send 300 images and I haven’t received anything. So I may reach out here soon to them in reference to that. The device right now is trending about $167ish and it seems like as a tattoo artist with limited artistic skill would need something of this nature and would eventually pay for itself on a session or couple depending on what they charge.
I really recommend watching the video they have as I was having a bit of dur dur dur moment trying to figure out exactly what to do. The paper they give 10 sheets and you have to remove the yellow portion. A wee bit of a learning curve at first, but then you get the hang of it. Cool machine. Nice to know they exist

M. Smith
Reads My Mind!!

The absolute most magnificent tats all begin with excellent prep work. Pelcas has beautifully designed a professional printer for dedicated tattoo artists like myself. It’s both modern-looking and stylishly sleek, and it transfers high quality tat images onto tattoo stencil paper. It transfers quickly, it performs at a low tone, and it features an adjustable photo resolution, so I get the exact tat image my clients had envisioned. This magnificent copier is safe, easy to use and best of all, it never has a need for ink… ever! (I know, ironic right?). This is the one true way awesome tattoos are birthed: from your creative mind, to this spectacular tattoo printer machine, finally to wearable fine artwork, inked perfectly onto your… whatever you desire!

Emilie C.
let your tattoo creativity run free

This machine is so impressive and does a great job transferring images. It is essentially a "photocopy" machine for tattoos. The most impressive thing is it doesn't use ink, so all you have to do is get more tattoo thermal paper, which I've done some research on and they are very affordably priced. This particular set comes with 10 sheets for you to start with. My brother has been playing with a few designs for a new tattoo he is planning to get and has used about 3 sheets. It is so cool how he can draw his own design or find an elaborate one online. He knows a lot about tattoos so it was fascinating for me to watch him do all this. Since this is a review for this machine and not tattoos in general, I have to say this machine was very easy to operate. There are only a few buttons and it is mostly just "common sense". I think the most confusing part about this unit is how to place the paper when you are trying to "photocopy" the image onto the thermal paper. I highly recommend watching the video tutorial on this Amazon page - that is going to make it much easier than trying to read the instruction manual. There are also numerous videos online of people using this machine, if you want to learn more about it. Honestly speaking, there isn't that much to learn and is pretty simple and easy to figure out. If you or a loved one is a tattoo enthusiast, this is a great gift for them to play with different images and stuff for their next tattoo. Very easy to use machine, works great, and does not require much upkeep costs after the initial purchase.

Dr. T. Smithe
Tattoo transfer stencil

Works flawlessly. I'll upload a photo once my tattoo has healed (it's flaking and looks funky right now bc of it). Easy to use, and the price is fair.

PELCAS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine works fast and very easy to use.

PELCAS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine if very small and Portable. It came with few sheets of Thermal paper and we were able to use it without any issues. The Tattoo Printer prints decently fast and the transfer process was so simple with help of this printer. The DPI is good enough to get the main photo onto the skin without much effort. I like the build quality and the printer worked very well without any issues over the last 15 prints we did.

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