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PELCAS Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner 450ml (Black)

Simple operation, powerful cleaning ability, small and exquisite appearance, made of ABS material, exquisite workmanship, and delicate luster. Good quality can ensure the cleaning effect of stubborn stains, and it can be used efficiently for many years.
  • 💗【Professional Cleaner】Professional Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner create 42,000 Hz frequency,26w power supply ensures more efficient cleaning result, Note: Put the smallest pearl jewellery in the small basket to maximize the cleaning effect.
  • ✨【Easy to Operate & Touch Switch】Simple on/off Touch button, easy to control, automatically shuts off when it's done. to meet different cleaning purposes.It is recommended to use warm water and using some detergent in the water for better.Note: Inevitable normal noise will be produced during use, which is harmless to humans.
  • 🕓【Powerful cleaning & timing function】 360° all-round high-efficiency cleaning, three-minute one-button timing switch, the perfect glasses cleaner can clean items within 3 minutes without damaging your value,For stubborn stains, wash twice to achieve the best cleaning effect.
  • 💍【Wide Application】With a 450ml large stainless steel tank .Tank Size 6.1*3.1*1.5, Net weight 1.8lb,Unique black ultrasonic cleaner an ideal device for cleaning jewelry, glasses, watches,rings, bracelets,razors and more household products.
  • 📢【After-sales service】PELCAS provides 12 months warranty and friendly 30 days customer return. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us, We will give a satisfactory answer within 8 hours and we will try our best to solve them, please be assured of purchase!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
N. Baerreis
Didn't expect it to work this well.

I've been watching a bunch of youtube channels where mechanics use ultrasonic cleaners to revive old rusty parts (and to clean old carburetors) soI wanted to give it a go. Sure enough, this thing works well - I started with just water, cleaning my glasses, and I was surprised at how well that worked. So I added some cleaning agents and a float from a lawnmower and everything came out pretty much pristine.

I ended up just going straight for the longest run it'll do, because I like to be sure it has the best chance of cleaning whatever I'm throwing at it... but so far so good! I'm a month and a half into using it and I've been super pleased. It's easy to clean out, too. I'm glad to say I can recommend this cleaner if you're looking to upgrade your shop (or you just really want clean reading glasses).

D. Jackson
Works great!!

This small device which design wise has a kinda 40’s vibe does a great job of quickly and easily cleaning jewelry and metal watch bands. Simply fill with water, add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and watch the dirt and body oil release from your jewelry. Small,uncomplicated (a simple on/off button) and it uses tap water. Has a removable basket for the rings and things and an arched support to keep the body of your watch out of the water but allows the metal band to be cleaned.

J. Carrion
Beautiful jewelry cleaner!

I love my little jewelry cleaner. It’s very pretty and it can be placed anywhere and looks similar to a jewelry box which is why I purchased it. I think it’s adorable. I don’t have it too long and I have not used it too many times so I don’t know how durable it is but so far so good. I do recommend it!

Barely see the vibrations. Jewelry came out clean

This jewelry cleaner has a smaller water tank but holds plenty of jewelry. The basket makes it easy to remove the jewelry. I found hot water, a splash of ammonia, splash of vinegar and a few drops of Dawn produces the cleanest jewelry. I had to run the cleaner several cycles and change the water twice, my moms jewelry was DIRTY! This cleaner does not visibly shake the jewelry nor does is produce little bubbles like a similar unit I got for my daughter. You can hear the vibrations but barely see any bubbles. I’m not sure if it was the slight vibrations or my cleaning concoction that got the jewelry clean, perhaps it was both! 42,000 Hz is a common frequency, I have seen cleaners as high as 47,000 Hz. I like seeing more vibrations as I think it’s loosening more debris. I ran the jewelry through several cycles before rinsing and drying. The cleaner is easy to use, one button set for a preset time that you can not change. I just hit the button again to restart the ultrasonic cleaning. There is a lid but its not necessary or needed while using the cleaner. These cleaners can be used for watch bands, eye glasses, dentures and retainers. I feel water alone won’t clean the jewelry good enough you need to add some cleaner though it doesn’t have to be expensive; dish soap, vinegar and ammonia work great.

Steve Garfield
Works well at cleaning a night guard

I got this specifically to keep my night guard clean in between dentist appointments. I really like how they clean my night guard at the dentist, and now I can keep it clean at home.

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