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Pelcas Portable Electric Nail Drill Manicure and Pedicures Nail E-file Cordless Electric Nail File 20000 RPM


Pelcas electric nail drill is an electric-powered rotary tool used for filing nails or removing nail enhancements, and it’s very friendly to beginners and manicurist, suitable for both false and natural nails

Why choose us?

[Easy to install&use]   Pelcas electric nail drill is very suitable for beginners and experts. Turn the barrel clockwise to insert or remove the drill bit, then turn the barrel counterclockwise to fix. Note: only on the lock position can start up.

[5 gear & low noise]   5 adjustable speed levels. 1 gear--8000 RPM; 2 gears---11000 RPM; 3 gears---14000 RPM; 4 gears---17000 RPM; 5 gears---20000 RPM. Use the lower level to exfoliate dead cells around the nail or polish nails, use the higher level to drill acrylic nails. If you are a beginner, use the lowest level for a try first to avoid hurt your nails.

[11 in 1 Electrical Nail Files Kit]   Pelcas nail e-file with 11pcs different nail drill bits and 66pcs sanding bands, which are used for easily grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, removing gel polish and cuticles

[High capacity]   PELCAS Nail Drill upgraded Large capacity, charging 1.5-2H, and can be used normally for 2.5H, with 11 sharpening heads, suitable for different needs.

[Small& lightweight, easy to carry]  Cordless electric nail file adopts pen shape, lightweight and compact design, size 6.3 inch*0.83 inch*0.83 inch and weight 53 grams, easy to handle and carry. Easy to carry when travelling, camping, dating and meeting.

[Safe lock]    The special lock buckle ensures safer use

How to use electric nail drill?

 11 drills bits+66 Sanding Bands

Coarse disc bit: grind nails and repair the nails edge gap

Felted wool bit: polish and clean nails surface debris

Needle hands: polish nails edge

Small barrel bit: surface work, peeling

Barrel bit: smooth and polish the nails surface

Umbrella top bit: repair the space at the edge of the nail and make it more uniform

Large barrel bit: surface work and cut uneven parts of smooth nails

Large cone bit: polish nail sidewalls and cuticles

Small cone bit: remove cuticles

Safety bit: polish nail side edge

Mandrel+sanding band: shortening and removal the nails


Pelcas nail drill is smooth& portable and safe, 11 in 1 designed for beginners and experts. 5 adjustable speed levels from 8000-20,000 RPM.

Size  6.3 * 0.83 * 0.83inch

1 gear --- 8000 RPM;

2 gears---11000 RPM;

3 gears---14000 RPM;

4 gears---17000 RPM;

5 gears---20000 RPM:

Charging time 1.5-2H
Weigh 53 grams
Power Supply USB cable
Input Voltage DC 5V

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
✌ ❤
Game changer

I love everything about this drill! The color, the sturdy yet lightweight feel in my hand, how simple it is to operate, and most importantly, how well it works! I had my doubts with it being small and rechargeable (I'm used to a bigger one with cords, a base, etc), but it's a little work horse. I should have gone cordless sooner! For the price point, I think this one is a great deal.

Great Present for the Holidays

This nail grinder and attachments would be a great present this holiday season. The packaging and presentation is very nice and it works as expected. When you turn it on the LCD number display shows you which of the 5 speeds you are using, which is a helpful feature. It definitely looks more professional than other ones out there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review and photos of this product. I hope it has been helpful in providing you with more information.

Charges via micro USB

This cordless nail drill from PELCAS charges via micro USB. I really like that the nail drill doesn’t use a proprietary charging cable but a standard one. A micro USB cable is included in the box, but if something happens to it, or you’re on the go and need to charge the nail drill, chances are you can find a micro USB cable.

The controls are very simple: hold the power button for 1.5 seconds to turn on/off, click the power button to change the speed, and click the gear button to change the rotation. The color of the gear button changes depending on what way the drill is rotating, either blue or red. The small LCD screen displays the current speed, 1-5.

According to the instruction book, the speeds are:
1: 8,000 RPM
2: 11,000 RPM
3: 14,000 RPM
4: 17,000 RPM
5: 20,000 RPM

I normally use speed 1 on my natural nails, to sand the top coat off dip polish, or on callouses. The drill didn’t get too hot when using it, nor did it get too warm on my nails. The body of the drill is a bit awkward to hold at first, most of the weight is in the back of the drill.

The drill bits lock into the drill head, which I also like. The safety lock area has helpful graphics of a lock and unlocked lock, to remind you which way to twist the drill to change the bits.

There are 11 bits included with the drill plus 3 baggies of sanding bands: 180#, 120#, and 80#. There are approximately 20 of each sanding band grit.

Love My Bookish Life
Comfortable, lightweight, easy to use and effective!

Cordless electric nail drill...
📚 This drill set comes beautifully packaged with everything you need to get started! Everything arrived in! Everything arrived in excellent condition including the sanding bands- none were crushed or peeling, all in good shape.
📚 The directions are easy to follow, the drill charged quickly, and worked fantastic!📚 All of the tools and bits that you could possibly ever need are included! Easy to use, easy to follow directions.
📚 I ordered this primarily to use for sanding off the top layer of my gel manicure. This worked beautifully! Took off that top layer with little effort, and didn't create any hot spots.
📚 Comfortable, ergenomic design, lightweight.
📚 Summary… this is perfect for my at home DIY gel manicures! You get everything you needed in one kit, the convenience of cordless, and it all works great! I'm so happy with this set👍👍

FirePepper Red
Powerful And Portable

We wanted a tool similar to what the nail salon has to trim and file our nails at home. This machine works great and is very easy to use. It includes several tips and sanding covers to help you get started right away. The construction is solid and it should hold up for years. If you want a great way to trim, file, and shape your nails this is a great machine.

*** Pros: ***
- Easy to use and very portable
- 5 different power levels make it suitable for even difficult nails
- Battery lasts a long time and is easy to recharge
- Comes with multiple heads to help make a design or trim and file your nails

*** Cons: ***
- Somewhat pricey
- I wish it came with a travel case or pouch

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