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PELCAS Facial Massager Cute Dolphin Face Sculptor Tool for Firming Skin and Depuffing Your face

Pelcas face massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
How to use PELCAS face massager
Pelcas face massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
PELCAS Face Massager
How to use PELCAS face massager

PELCAS 3 in 1 facial massager with 45℃ heat and 3 massage modes can improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness and swelling, promotes relaxation and enhances product absorption, suitable for face, eye and neck, using multi-light wave technology combined with high-frequency sound waves, can provide a range of benefits for both the appearance and overall health of your skin.

PELCAS Facial Massager
PELCAS Face Massager

Why Choose PELCAS Facial Massager?

1. A variety of technological processes provide ultimate skin care

PELCAS facial massager is used for lifting and firming, soothing skin care, micro-current, constant temperature heat compress, iontophoresis, touch vibration, color light rejuvenation, bionic design, using multi-light wave technology combined with high-frequency sound waves, uniform and continuous comfortable massage, suitable for face Various skin problems on the eye and neck.

2. 45℃ Heat and  3 Massage Modes

PELCAS Micro current facial massager create 45℃ warm with low,medium and high three color light sound wave modes,which promote blood circulation,stimulate the acupuncture points of the face and neck,dredge meridians,improve circulation to promote metabolism.

PELCAS Face Massager

3. Enhances product absorption

This high frequency facial machinewill promote absorption of skincare products,boost the effect of your favorite serums,facial creams or essential oils.

4. Face, Neck, Eye, 3 in 1 Massager

The face lifting massager owned a streamlined massage head and a dolphin shaped mouth,make you feel comfortable during the process of pushing and lifting Face & Neck & Eye zone,skin becoming flatten and tighten.

5. Warm Reminder & Memory Function

With mode memory function, and 60 seconds intimate reminder,easy to adjust the massage time.

6. The Most Intimate Gift

It is compact to use, beautifully packaged, powerful, imitating the dolphin bionic design, using the most cutting-edge technology, micro-current, and iontophoresis. It takes care of the skin more than women themselves. It is the best choice for gifts.

PELCAS Facial Massager

How To Use PELCAS Facial Massager?

Apply some skin care products on neck and face
Use the massage head close to neck, lift from bottom several times
Then fit the face skin and lift, make skin tightened
Lift along the wrinkles, improve double chin, smile lines, eye wrinkles and activates skin cell.

Tips Before Use:

  • Recommend to use it 10 minutes per day. For example, 5 mins in the morning, 5 mins in the evening at the end of your skincare routine
  • Be sure to use it dynamically, don't use it fixedly to avoid hurt to the skin.
  • This product is suitable for normal skin. Due to its vibration and heating properties, we do not recommend using it if your skin is thin or in damaged

Warm tips: 

This tool may not give you a result overnight. A regular daily use in the mornings and evenings after applying skin care products, your skin will look healthier and feeling smoother.

Packing List 

1 x Massager Device

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x  User Manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charlotte royston
Little dolphin

This cute little item is easy to use and the red light withvjeat is what I use it for hopefully will see a difference soon only bèn using it a week so be patient use serum so it glides and doesn't drag your skin that a big no no .enjoy this face and neck massager I do xx

Lidia I.
Lovely face massager

This product does exactly what it says which promote blood circulation, dredge meridians,stimulate the acupuncture od the face and neck, helping you relax and feel good and rejuvenated.
Has 3 differend modes with 3 different colour light, blue, green and red.
Has a memory function and will start with the last mode that you used.
Indeed makes you feel confortable but in my opinion is kinda expensive.

I still recomend it as is doing a good job.


The neck anti-aging device is cool to use. It helps with the skin by inserting a lot of cool energy into my skin. it helps to lift my face skin upward. It has 3 speed mode with setting of low, medium, high with what we needed. It has usb cable charging with wireless operation.
Great value for the money. Recommended 👍👍👍

Miss S
It feels nice on the skin

I'm relatively new to light therapy and face massager but decided to give this a go. What I love most about this face massager is the shape. It fits every curve of my face and neck perfectly.

When I am using it find it very comfortable. There are 3 modes in total - Massage Mode, Relieve Puffiness Mode and Lifting Mode and a heat mode that heats it up to 45°. I have been using it mainly on the Lifting mode. The heat helps heavy creams penetrate the skin easily and also spreads them evenly. I have several rollers that contain some elements of this device but this one outranks them. The vibration is so soothing and feels like I am getting a spa treatment at home.

The neck is what I am looking to improve and feel like it will take the longest to improve. I wish I could say I was seeing remarkable results. But so far, not certain yet if it is having any effect at all but I have been using it for just a few days.

Again, this won’t give you a dramatic result in a day or two, not even devices at the spa could give you a permanent result over a single treatment. Rather, you really need to be patient and it will definitely be beneficial over time. I am a fan of LED light treatment, so I am going to continue to use this device

Relaxing, comforting, light weight manager, yet to see the results

This is a very light dolphin shape massager. The dolphin tail is a massage head which has three colour light blue, green and red along with a metal strip in the center whereas the lips can be used for eye massage. The USB charging point sits around belly of the dolphin whereas the powering on key sits around blowhole of dolphin. The power key can also be used for switching the gear using which the shock intensity and light wave charges. The blue light comes with moderate shock followed by Green light with medium speed and strong sense of shock and bit of a heated magnetic therapy. The third gear of high speed red light with heated magnetic therapy.

The instruction booklet in included which has extremely tiny font so some people might not be able to read the instruction easily. The instruction booklet explains usage and many benefit of entry mode in detail which includes protein synthesis, activating the skin, promotes the surface micro circulation, calms the skin, smoothing the fine lines, tightening the skin, reduces pigmentation, diminishes the scars.

The massager can be used to massage face, neck using the the dolphin tail. The massager works on the principle of light, vibrations, colour and sound wave. I am not very sure about the effectiveness of the massager but you do feel relaxed and better after using the massager. I was skeptical about the effectiveness because it is very light in weight but i definitely felt better with the massage. You can also apply moisturiser before massaging.

The USB charging cable is included in the packae so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries.

All in all a good concept and a nice relaxing massager.

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