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Everything You Need to Know About Gel Manicure

Everything You Need to Know About Gel Manicure

Nail manicure become more and more popular in recent years. How do you know about the gel manicure and acrylic manicure? Are they safe to use? How to remove? Let’s find out.

 The difference between gel manicure and acrylic manicure?

Gel manicure and acrylic manicure are totally different. The gel manicures use a type of light-sensitive gel and use a UV or LED light to cure the polish and locked it onto your nails, each coat of gel polish will need to be cured for about 30 to 60 seconds at a time, it is more durable than traditional nail polish. The acrylic nails acrylic nails are are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that's combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried, which can build long, durable and shiny nails. Those who have weak natural nails want long beautiful manicure, then the acrylic manicure will be your best choice!

In a nutshell, the gel nails use gel polish and brush several coat to stay strong, the acrylic nails use nail powder and nail liquid blend to cover your nature nail along the shape of the nail. Both gel nails and acrylic nails can last for long time, up to 4 weeks, even longer. If you want to lengthen your nail, it’s better to choose the acrylic manicure, but it’s not friendly for new beginners. If you’d like more creative and drawing on your nails, don’t worry to choose gel manicure.

Are Gel Manicures Good for Your Nails?

I believe most people thought this is a wired question, are gel manicures good for your nails? It’s funny. But this is for those who have weak nature nails, if your nature nail is too soft, then the gel nails will protect your nature nails from slitting.

Meanwhile, clean your nails, trim nail edges, remove the dead skin around your nails before making gel nails. Keep a good habit and replenish vitamins and calcium is the key to protect your nails.

What Are The Benefits of Getting A Gel Manicure?

Believe many of us meet the situation that if your nail become longer, it will get clipped easily. There are many reasons for this result, lack of calcium, nutrition or your natural nail is very soft because of your gene. Luckily, gel polish manicure will help you to avoid it.

If you used to biting your nails when you are feeling stressed out, or when you thinking.Yes, it’s a bad habit, but many people includes me like to do this unconsciously. My parents remind us at once they found me biting my nails when I was young, but it’s hard to change. Making gel nails might make a great of effect because of the bad taste, lol.

Meanwhile, getting a gel manicure make yourself happy! Girls who can resist the temptation of a manicure? The gel nails help your finger looks more slender and fit your outfit jewelry, makeup well. Also, the gel manicure is very suitable for taking photo and share with your friends, it’s the hot topic for girls.

Are Gel Manicure Safe?

"There are some studies that suggest too much UV light from manicures can lead to skin cancers, but other studies have dismissed that," says Schueller. A 2015 study published in JAMA Dermatology concluded that the risk of developing skin cancer from UV manicures is small but that consumers should use physical blocking sunscreens or UV-protective gloves to limit the risk of carcinogenesis and photoaging.

How Long Does Gel Manicure Really Last?

Usually last 2-3 weeks, gel nail is very strong, it last 2-3 weeks is not because it clip or polish, it is due to your cuticles growing out, you may need to make new gel manicure to keep the look.

Does Gel Manicure Damage Your Nails?

If you noticed that your gel nails get chipped, you should never pick off or peel off the rest of your gel nails, I know it’s very annoying, but it might damage your nature nails. Actually, “gel manicures don’t damage nails. What can be damaging is a poor removal process such as peeling it off the nail. The biggest disadvantage to gel manicures is improper removal” Totty says, “You can avoid this by properly (and patiently) removing the polish yourself at home or seeking manicurists who take their time in removal to protect your nails.”

Even when you follow every protocol for healthy gel removal, there’s a chance that your nail plates could come out looking and feeling damaged. If peeling nails is your reality, Totty says it's best to skip gels for a while and allow the nail to grow out. “Applying daily cuticle oil is a must to help your nails grow strong,” she adds.

On the other hand, the gel polish need to get cured under UV lights to build strong nails more quickly, prolonged exposure to the UV lights might cause bad effect, like tan your skin, burned by UV rays and other skin issue. But it need a process, so you do not have to worry about that effect even you do the gel manicure daily.

How to Safely Remove A Gel Manicure?

Both gel nails and acrylic nails are strong and durable, peel off the nails is not only damage your nature nails but also can’t get rid of them all. There are many tools to help get rid of them, such as electric nail drill and acetone.

Thanks to its chemical resistance, gel polish can't be easily wiped away with acetone and must be filed and/or literally soaked in acetone for several minutes to loosen the hardened gel from the nail.

There are many drill bits of electric nail drills, each bit corresponds to different function. Use the mandrel and sanding bands can remove the gel nail easily. Although the bits might grind the surface of your nail shallowly, your nails will recover quickly. (depends on your proficiency in use)

How to Use Nail Drill At Home   

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