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Everything You Need To Know About Airbrush Makeup

Everything You Need To Know About Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeup kits is become very popular in recent years, especially for wedding. And it was recommended by many makeup artist. So what is airbrush makeup kit? Does it fit my skin? How to choose the foundation if you use an airbrush makeup machine? Let’s figure it out.

What is airbrush makeup kit?

Airbrush makeup kit is the beauty tool that the air focus at the airbrush tip can sheet flawlessly along the surface of the nozzle and the needle tip. Pulling the ergonomic trigger back slightly , released makeup from the nozzle tip directly into the center of the flawlessly formed air stream. When the makeup contacts the air stream, it is instantly lifted and pixelated into the perfect makeup spray.

Does it fit my skin?

Girls often worried if their makeup mottled, creasing, cakey or separation. So they always try different kinds of makeup tools and foundation and choose the one fit best.

If you used the airbrush makeup machine once, you will never worry if it fits your skin. The foundation is sprayed slowly on your face, it’s very sheer that you won’t worry about the heavy makeup cause creasing. Instead of traditional makeup tools, the airbrush makeup kits won’t touch your face, which means it won’t leave trace, makes your makeup looks more natural even if you have skin issues like acne, scars or fine lines. Note: Serious acne and scars need concealer, the airbrush makeup machine is only used for basic foundation makeup.

How to choose the foundation?

For oily skin: Oily skin is prone to oily, actually it means your skin is lack of water. It’s very important to do basic moisture before doing makeup. The airbrush makeup foundation is liquid and is sprayed on the face in the form of gas

For dry skin: Dry skin is lack of water and prone to wrinkles. Meanwhile, the dry skin won’t oily. Compare with the oily skin, the dry skin doesn’t separate too quickly.

There are two types: water soluble foundation and oil soluble foundation. The water-soluble is easier to clean, but you need to use a makeup fixer, otherwise it will melt in water or tears or rain, use normal water can be cleaned. The oil-soluble is not afraid of water or tears, but it need make-up remover or cleansing oil to clean up.

Pelcas airbrush makeup kits spray gun

The benefit of airbrush makeup machine

  • It’s very sheer, the airbrush makeup kits spray the liquid foundation on your face, which is fit your skin perfectly. Your skin shows through and so it looks more natural! It never looks cakey as it comes out in a sheer mist.
  • Makeup is perfectly blended without any effort, every single time. The makeup looks well-blended because the technique allows for it naturally.
  • In the airbrush technique, the foundation oxidizes with the air as it’s sprayed out from the gun, so you see the true colour as soon as it’s on your face. Whereas, with other makeup application techniques, the true colour for the foundation takes 15-20 minutes to show up.
  • You can mix different foundation shades to find the perfect match.
  • Airbrush makeup is actually a saviour for the girl with oily skin, problematic skin and skin with dents and crates as the silicone-based makeup stays all day long and acts as a filler.
  • It’s a highly precise way of applying makeup, which is why the airbrush makeup kits can go in and out of problem areas easily. Which is why, contrary to popular opinion, airbrush is actually a better technique for problem skin since you can control how much makeup to apply on these areas. Yes, it’s more sheer but on HD cameras, the problem showing through slightly looks better than cakey prominent makeup.
  • Feels light-weight on your skin.


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