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What do you know about the airbrush makeup?

What do you know about the airbrush makeup?

What is airbrush makeup?

First of all, airbrush makeup is a way to build flawless makeup. Before reading this article, I believe most readers include me are very curious about airbrush makeup. Why this little machine could build healthy and flawless makeup? And if it is suitable for any skin texture? Can it concealer? Actually, airbrush makeup uses the power of compressed air to mist foundation gently across your skin using special foundation cartridges that fit into a corresponding airbrushing device.Pulling the ergonomic trigger back slightly , released makeup from the nozzle tip directly into the center of the flawlessly formed air stream.When the makeup contacts the air stream, it is instantly lifted and pixelated into the perfect makeup spray.

Airbrush makeup vs Traditional makeup

Airbrush makeup: The liquid foundation spray gun can highly atomize the special liquid foundation, make the makeup evenly and uniformly, and at the same time it can well cover the spots, blemishes, fine lines and dull and yellow skin tone on the face, make the makeup light, thin and transparent, built natural fit, flawless healthy skin.

Traditional makeup: Traditional makeup is applied by hand tools such as a brush, beauty blender, or sponge and it can be worked into the skin for an even finish. It will take longer time and may cause creasing.

Conclusion: Airbrush makeup simplify your beauty routine, which is more convenient and saving more time than traditional makeup, but it may take several days to adapt if you are a beginner to use airbrush makeup kits.

How to use airbrush makeup machine?

Using manual

With multifunctional cup

  • Put the multifunctional cup inside the hole
  • Place the bottle at 90 and tighten it.
  • Pour the foundation or other essence into the multifunctional cup

With bottle

  • Pour the essence into the bottle
  • Turn the machine upside down and connect the glass bottle to the cup
  • Rotate the rubber lid, make sure the bottle is tightly connected to the multifunctional cup

With cup

  • Rotate the cup 90 clockwise to ensure tight connection with the machine
  • Pour the foundation or other essence into the cup

How to choose the airbrush makeup machine foundation?

Water soluble foundation: water-soluble is easier to clean, but you need to use a makeup fixer, otherwise it will melt in water or tears or rain, use normal water can be cleaned.

Oil soluble foundation: Oil-soluble is not afraid of water or tears, but it need  make-up remover or cleansing oil to clean up.

How to wash the airbrush makeup machine?

Pelcas airbrush makeup machine cleaning method


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