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PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer 3000RPM Vortex Shaker for Tattoo Ink Gel Polish Eyelash Adhesives Paints Test Tubes and More


PELCAS portale vortex mixer with 3000rpm 7.5W motor can quick mix 50ml samples within 5 seconds. This vortex shaker can be used to mix tattoo Ink, gel polish, eyelash adhesives, paints, test tubes and centrifuge tubes miniatures acrylic paints ink evenly. Made of sturdy PC plastic, touch funtion very easy to use, high frequency vibration with almost no noise.

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer Highlights

1. Powerful Mixing Capacity

The 3000rpm 7.5W motor can quickly mix samples in a 50ml container within 5 seconds, and the liquid can be shaken evenly and delicately.Time saving, strong mixing capacity and long service life.

2. Wide Range Applications

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer can be mixed with various liquids, such as test tubes, eyelash glue, tattoo ink, gel polish, acrylic paint, liquid foundation etc. widely used in laboratories, tattoo parlors, nail salons, beauty salons, artist studios, and more.

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer

3. Anti-Slip Design & Easy to Use

The mixer features a brushless DC motor for super smooth, quiet and efficient operation. Four anti-slip feet are designed on the bottom to provide extra stability for placing this laboratory vortex mixer firmly on a tabletop. Simple one-hand touch operation, gently press the center of the silicone cap, the vortex oscillator starts to work.

4. High Quality & Noise Free

The housing is made of sturdy PC plastic, touch function, just touch the soft silicone top of the lab mixer to start shaking and stop mixing as soon as the tube leaves.High frequency vibration with almost no noise.

PELCAS Vortex Mixer Features

1. In the jog working mode, the product that needs to be shaken will be shaken at a high speed immediately after it touches the silicone cap, and will return to standby immediately after leaving.

2. Fixed speed: 3000rpm, the high-speed speed is enough to shake most of the liquid evenly, and the fixed speed is more convenient for us to operate.

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer

3. Beautiful and compact appearance, easy to carry, dimensions: (W×D×H)97mm×97mm×81mm/3.82inch*3.82inch*3.19inch, single weight: 1.03kg/2.27lb.

4. Using brushless DC motor, the performance is reliable and stable. The high-quality motor is the cornerstone that PELCAS mini vortex mixer can work stably and efficiently. It has strong vibration effect and long service life.

5. The center of gravity of the whole machine is low, and there are vacuum suction cup feet. The instrument will not move when it is working. The stability of the body makes the vibration trajectory controllable, and products that need to be shaken will not be ejected.

6. The whole machine is well sealed, resistant to chemical corrosion, easy to clean and care, and it will be as bright as new with a little care.

7. High rotation speed and large oscillation amplitude, the liquid is easy to produce vortex, the mixing effect is very significant, approximate circular motion, and high frequency vibration can fully mix the liquid evenly.

8. Silicone cap rotary groove design, the vibration amplitude of the instrument body is small, and the noise is low.

9. The diameter of the test tube or container that can be shaken is 30mm, which is used to shake the test tube or centrifuge tube.

PELCAS Mini Vortex Mixer

PELCAS Vortex Mixer Specification

Movement Mode: approximate circular motion

Turnover Diameter: 4.5mm

Speed: 3000rpm (fixed speed)

Operation Mode: jog touch work

Maximum Carrying Weight: 0.1kg /0.22Lb

Ambient Temperature: 5-40 ℃

Input Power: DC12V 1.5A

Motor Output Power: 7.5W

Dimensions: (W×D×H)97×97×81mm /3.82inch*3.82inch*3.19inch

Single weight: 1.03kg/2.27Lb

Packing List 

1 * Mini Vortex Mixer

1 * Instruction Manual

1 * USB Charging Cable



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Highly Recommended if you Regularly Paint

I bought this for Miniature Painting. My bottles need shaking. This machine shakes. I hated having to shake my bottles by hand, and during one particular weekend I shook up so much paint my wrists were sore afterwards. That was the deciding moment to get one of these.

Its Pink. I don't mind pink. In fact, it adds some nice contrast to my mostly green painting set up. If you love pink, this comes in a bright bubble gum pink.

Its very easy to use. You plug it in. Place somewhere you don't mind shaking. Then press the bottom of your bottles into the center of the mixer. It mixes. It works best if you use the included mixing balls. I didn't expect them, but they're a godsend now that I have them.

The closest thing I have to an issues is that the cable is a little short. Its like 3 feet long, which is shorter than I'd like, which limits where I can safely place it, but I'm not exactly moving it around too much. Other than that, I love this machine. My wrists have been saved and I can continue to paint little mice knights and space bugs in peace.

Works exceptionally well

This mixer works great for mixing acrylic paint for use on miniatures. The feet on the bottom hold the mixer in place well, it activates easily, and does a great job of mixing the pain. I've had other units that were more expensive not run as nicely as this, so it's well worth the money and I'd buy again.

Nancy Wheeler
Easier to use than you think - works great!

This mixer is not at all what I expected. The “instructions” that come with it assume that you already know how to use it. It comes with a bag of ball bearings and no mention of why they are included or how to use them. The instructions talk about pushing a “tube into the fixture” but the top is solid silicone and frankly they were a bit intimidating.

BUT, when I plugged it in and actually used it, I found that it’s fantastic! It’s really easy to use and does a great job of mixing. I got it to mix/shake nail polish to make sure that the color is consistent throughout the bottle. I tried it on some severely separated nail polish bottles, and it made quick work of mixing them. See pictures for before and after nail polish.

The unit has 3 suction cup feet that stick to any smooth surface as you use the mixer. They hold the mixer well during use but will let go if you tip the mixer. It doesn’t create enough vibration to disturb anything else on the table, but as you use it, you’ll definitely feel it in your hands. You have to hold the bottle on the mixer with your hand for it to work.

This would also work well for mixing bottles of acrylic paints. I still don’t know what the beads are for
unless you’d drop one in a bottle of paint/polish to loosen product stuck on the sides.

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