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How to make your spray tan last longer

How to make your spray tan last longer

A spray tanning machine offers you a bronzed glow or tans your skin without needing you to spend any time under harmful UV rays. This spray tanning is not only save your time, protect you from skin cancer, but also avoid the uneven skin tone. The best spray tan machine is HVLP spray tan machine, this technology adopts high volume, low power, which avoid the waste of tan solution effectively. The advanced HLVP technology helps you achieve a uniform tanned glow. These equipment with flexible hose are versatile, portable and easy to use. But visiting a salon to do spray tanning every time you need a bronzed glow is annoying. This is the reason why you need to opt for the best at-home spray tanning machine. It will let you get glowing tanned look without damaging your skin by over sun exposure or visiting an expensive salon. It is considered a safer and economical way.

How to make spray tan last longer?

Need to do

Exfoliate and Shave before tanning

In general, you need to exfoliate and shave yourself when taking a shower before tanning at least 4 hours in order to give your pores time to close and avoid discoloration. Also, it can help the tanning solution adhere to your skin.

Wear underwear or swimsuit and remove all your accessories

Make sure remove all your accessories before tanning to avoid the tanning solution leave bronze mark on your accessories and a portion of untanned skin, that must be looked very wired. Wear underwear or swimsuit can maximize the coverage of tanning the whole body, and it can also be  your outfit of the day.

Wait for 4-8 hours at least to shower after spray tan

Wait for 4-8 hours at least to shower to make sure the tanning solution is fully penetrated into your skin.

Use body wash without sulfates

Use a mild body wash. In general, bath and shampoo products that contain sulfates have relatively strong cleaning power and may discolor the tanning solution. When you take your first shower after your spray tan, be gentle and don’t scrub your body.

Use tan extender

Moisturizing is the key to making your tan last longer. Use tan extender or moisturizer is both in that to keep your skin moisture. Right after you get out of the shower, lock in moisture with an oil-free moisturizer. Moisturize in the morning and evening.  

Moisturize with oil-free moisturizer

It’s very important to moisture your skin after tanning. Because the tanning solution takes a little time to develop, it’s perfect to start your second moisture routine on the third day after your tanning routine. (The first moisture is 4-6 hours later after your tanning) Be care to choose those oil-free moisturizers can truly moisture your skin, avoid those moisturizers contain ingredients with mineral oil, perfume, most essential oils, anti-aging products, toner, hair removal products, retina, makeup remover.


Not to do

Do not make up or use any lotions before tanning

Making delicate makeup brings happy mood and charming appearance, but you need remove your makeup before sleeping meanwhile. Makeup remover can remove the tanning solution before it absolutely adhere to your skin. Using a lotion may affect the color of the tanner.

Do not putting on deodorant or antiperspirant before tanning

Deodorant and antiperspirant often contain traces of aluminum. They may react with the chemicals in the tanning solution and turn your armpits a greenish hue!

Do not over sun exposure after tanning

Tanning solution do not provide sun protection, if you overexpose yourself to the sun and harmful UV rays, you may in the risk of skin cancer. I supposed to do sun exposure less than 3 hours a day.

Do not exfoliate and Shave after tanning

The reason is mentioned above, do exfoliate and shave before tanning, so you won’t worry this issue until your next tanning routine after 7-10 days. Actually, how long the tanning skin will last depends on your unique skin. As usual, a spray tan on lighter skin tones might last for about 5 days, medium shades can last between 7-8 days, and darker shades can last up to 10 days.

Do not swimming, take long showers


Ps: If this is your first time to do a spray tan, start with a lighter shade and when work your way up in future sessions once you have an idea of how it looks with your skin tone.


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