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PELCAS Microneedling Pen 0.025MM Dermapen with 24 Replacement Cartridges

PELCAS best microneedling pen at home
PELCAS microneedle pen
PELCAS best at home microneedling pen
PELCAS collagen pen microneedling
PELCAS microneedling skin pen
best home microneedling pen
how to use microneedling pen
PELCAS microneedling pen before and after
PELCAS best microneedling pen for home use
PELCAS best at home microneedling pen
PELCAS microneedling pen at home
PELCAS best microneedling pen at home
PELCAS microneedle pen
PELCAS best at home microneedling pen
PELCAS collagen pen microneedling
PELCAS microneedling skin pen
best home microneedling pen
how to use microneedling pen
PELCAS microneedling pen before and after
PELCAS best microneedling pen for home use
PELCAS best at home microneedling pen
PELCAS microneedling pen at home

PELCAS cordless microneedling pen is a portable,  economic and healthy tool which can be used at home. Comes with 24 replacement cartridges, needle length 0.25mm.Three gears and precise scale, one button operation, every easy-to-use save money and time you spend on beauty salon.

Know Something About Microneedling?

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure for women and men looking to enhance their beauty through their body’s natural response to puncturing the skin. During a microneedling procedure (formally known as collagen induction therapy), sterilized needles create microscopic wounds in your skin. This triggers your body’s natural healing process which treats your skin through production of collagen and elastin, which promotes healthy skin and keeps it soft and youthful-looking.

PELCAS microneedling pen for scar, wrinkes and skin care
PELCAS microneedling pen

PELCAS Cordless Microneedling Pen Highlights

1. Portable and Easy-to-use 

PELCAS Cordless electric microneedling pen weight is 87g and the size is 150*20*20mm. Suitable for traveling carrying, micorneedling pen with Large capacity , it can be charged for about 1.5H hours and can be used for 3 hours. Only one button is easy to use, you need to read the precautions in the manual before use. Use PELCAS microneedle pen kit in the comfort of your own at home.

2. Economy & Health

Save the money and time you spend on going to the beauty salon, PELCAS microneeding pen just need to recharge the pen and replace cartridges after every use. Frequency of use, twice a week. thin horny once a week. Each use time is within 5-10 minutes. needle length 0.25mm.

3. Three Gears & Precise Scale

The number of revolutions corresponding to the three gears: 8000-12000-16000RPM, needle adjustment length: 0-2mm, it is recommended to start using the low gear, redness and swelling after use is normal, the next day disappear. Do not stay in the same place for 3-5 seconds during use.

4. Replacement Needle

Cartridges are disposable, sharing cartridges with others is banned. If the vacuum packaging leaks, please do not use it and contact the customer immediately for replacement. Please purchase PELCAS Original replacement needle.

5. After-Sales & Warranty

PELCAS provides 12 months warranty and 30 days unreasonable return. If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer service.

Comparison Between Microneedling Pen and Roller

Properties Microneedling pen Roller
Depth into the skin Deep (dermis) Shallow (epidermal layer)
Pain Painless Pain
Degree of skin damage Minimally invasive Slight bleeding
Recovery time 1-2 days 5-7 days
Hygienic condition Disposable needles Use it repeatedly
Working method vertival conveying Roller


Notice: Please read our manual carefully before using! Please make a skin test combining with other skin care products in  your hands for the first time. Do not use if your skin appears itches etc allergic phenomenon.

 Benefits of Using Microneedling Pen

Microneedling pen is the minimally invasive treatment using the technology to using tiny needles to prick repeatedly to treat acne, large pores and even have great effect on fine lines,  wrinkles andstretch marks .

Microneedling pen can be used to improve the appearance of scars, boost collagen, or encourage hair growth

Microneedling is a safe and effective way for healthy skin care, which is recognized by Estheticians, and is widely used in beauty salon.


PELCAS Cordless Microneedling Pen FAQ

Q: How to clean?

A: Face and hands need fully clean. Please use hand washing or toilet soap to clean hands, use facial cleanser or liquid face wash to clean face.

Q: Do the microneedling needles tips need to be disinfected?

A: Microneedling needles tips need to be disinfected because we use aseptic packaging to pack them

Q: How many times do you need import essence to microneedling needles in a week?

A: Usually twice a week, thin horny once a week

Q: What products can be imported to microneedling pen?

A: We advise import independent pakaging and components of a single products to the machine, such as lyophilized powder, stoste(hyaluronic acid), water needle and hydrating mask.

How to use microneedling Pen

Package List 

1 *PELCAS microneedle pen

24 pcs (10*12Pin + 10*36Pin + 4*Nano )replacement cartridges

1 *USB charge cable

1* User manual.

PELCAS Cordless Microneedling Pen Manual

Matched Cartridges Instruction & Purpose

PELCAS Cordless Microneedling Pen

PELCAS Microneedling Pen

Nano Cartridges(4pcs):  These no needle cartridges use silicon tips to infuse skincare products into the epidermis. These treatments are usually performed on the face at a depth of 0.15 mm and help speed up cell turnover. Results are glowing radiant skin and this treatment can even help with acne.

Disposable Needles 12pin (10pcs): 12 sterile needles, adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. Multiple microneedling treatments can have remarkable results for wrinkles, acne scars, overall facial rejuvenation, hair loss, and more.

Disposable Needles 36pins (10pcs): 36 sterile needles, adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. These mironeedling treatments create more micro-injuries superficially and are used to treat superficial concerns including fine lines and skin color conditions like melasma. Suggested needle depth for these conditions is 0.25 – 1.5mm.

Note: all cartridges are one-off products, package includes 4 pcs nano cartridges, 10pcs 12pin needles and 10pcs 36pin needles. If you need extra replacement cartridges kindly order it via below link:

PELCAS Cordless Microneedling Pen Replacement Cartridges


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jeremy Klinebriel
It seems to work

With this micro-needling pen, you can feel the needles and some places on your face hurt. I had it on wrinkle mode .25 speed and was using the recommended 36 needle end. I got it to use on my eye wrinkles and my glabella area. The thin skin under my eye stung but nothing too bad. The glabella area (the area that is above your nose between your eyebrows) hurt and kind of startled me. It hurt at first but then it wasn't so bad. So I went ahead and moved on up to do my forehead wrinkles but decided to only do one side so I can tell a difference later. All areas I treated I glided over twice and that was it. I did have redness and light swelling. I am super excited to see in a few weeks if they are gone. With the light swelling, it seems to have taken the appearance down some. I will update photos in few weeks if there is a huge noticeable difference. My first photo was before, my second photo was after and the third photo on right side of white line I treated. I believe this will work just fine I feel comfortable recommending.


I do my face with this pen twice a month after exfoliating with a different machine, also from Amazon. The quality of my skin, the feel and look has improved 100%. I have some Melasma and was hoping this process would fade them. These brown markings are not small and cover half my cheeks on both sides of my face. They haven’t faded yet with two treatments but I’m hopeful. I do cover the brown marks with foundation and my face looks flawless. I do use a hyaluronic acid emulsion after using this pen on my face. It doesn’t hurt to use at all, start at a low setting and find your comfort needle setting.

Es muy bueno para disminuir las estrías.

Comencé a usar este kit para minimizar la apariencia de las estrías, tengo demasiadas en el área del abdomen y nos tratamientos son muy costosos. Así que decidí comenzar con esta opción. Ojo, no va a eliminar la estrías por completo, pero sí mejora la visibilidad y textura. Recomiendo un buen aceite de vitaminas e, y cremas hidratantes para después del tratamiento.

Exceeded my expectations

I've spent a fortune on facials..this Pen is amazing..I'm only concerned about ordering needles when I run out.


MY WIFE LOVES IT!!! Last year we purchased a manual needler roller. It was archaic compared to this device. This is well manufactured and it has a variety of speeds and needle depths as well as different needle cluster configurations for different things you have going on on your external epidermal layer.

This is easy to use. The perfect thing for aging skin. Care should be taken from the start and the process should not be started too aggressively from the start. Save your money and avoid the SPA. This simple, at-home device will save you $100 of dollars. YouTube video placeholder

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