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Pelcas Microneedling Pen Dermapen with (10*12Pin + 10*36Pin + 4*Nano ) replacement cartridges


Pelcas Microneedling pen moves at speed up to 16000RPM, and the 8000RPM speed is very kind for new users. Size: 150*20*20mm, weight: 87g, which is very easy to carry when travel or at home. Use it twice a week and replenish adequate moisture will shining your skin and keep a healthy skin care.

The Comparison of Microneedling Pen and Roller

Properties Microneedling pen Roller
Depth into the skin Deep (dermis) Shallow (epidermal layer)
Pain Painless Pain
Degree of skin damage Minimally invasive Slight bleeding
Recovery time 1-2 days 5-7 days
Hygienic condition Disposable needles Use it repeatedly
Working method vertival conveying Roller


Notice: Please read our manual carefully before using! Please make a skin test combining with other skin care products in  your hands for the first time. Do not use if your skin appears itches etc allergic phenomenon.

The benefit of microneedling pen

Microneedling pen is the minimally invasive treatment using the technology to using tiny needles to prick repeatedly to treat acne, large pores and even have great effect on fine lines,  wrinkles andstretch marks .

 Microneedling pen can be used to improve the appearance of scars, boost collagen, or encourage hair growth

Microneedling is a safe and effective way for healthy skin care, which is recognized by Estheticians, and is widely used in beauty salon.

Why you should choose Pelcas microneedling pen?

[Lightweight and easy to carry]: Size: 150*20*20mm,  weight :87g

[Large capacity]: Charging time:1.5H, using time: 3H

[Easy to use]: Wash your hands and put a serum on your face, it’s very important to make your skin moisture to prevent drag. Gently scroll around your skin area, do not stay one place for 3-5 seconds.

[Safe & Clean]: The cartridges are individual package and disposable.

Package included

1 *PELCAS microneedle pen

24 pcs (10*12Pin + 10*36Pin + 4*Nano )replacement cartridges

1 *USB charge cable

1* User manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Angel M Hall
Wireless Microneedle Pen

PELCAS Wireless and portable electronic microneedling pen is suitable for traveling and carrying, Use PELCAS microneedle pen kit in the comfort of your own home.
Save money and time you spend on going to the beauty salon, PELCAS microneeding pen just needs to recharge and replace cartridges after every use. Needle length 0.25mm.

Pain level is surprisingly low! Single use cartridges!

My biggest worry was how much is this thing going to hurt? I was very surprised that the pain level isn't all that bad. I had it turned up to 2mm in no time. I was poking holes into my skin all over the place. My next worry is how long is this going to hurt? I am very surprised that the pain level is mild but it doesn't go away instantly. It felt like a bit of crabgrass grazed my skin enough to feel it, but not enough to run for the ointment. One very important detail is that it doesn't come with all the little things you need to get going. It's best to prep with a good cleanser that is gentle on the skin. Using a topical local anesthetic. Then a pretreatment serum. A saline solution for cleaning the skin after treatment or a suitable skincare mask. A good hyaluronic acid is the best way to hydrate the skin after use. A collagen stimulating peptides after use is good as well. These are all the items that really need to be thought about and purchase ahead of time. Finally, isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the pen after each use. Overall, this is easy to use. It has good instruction with an amazing quality microneedle pen. My only sticky point is how to get replacement cartridges. It's also wireless for better movement.

I don't know!

OK here's my honest review, this machine is very well made, it charges very fast, it is very quiet and works exactly as expected, the combo with the cartridges are great, because you get a bunch of different sizes for the money, I don't see any results just yet, anywhere says that in order for you to notice any results from this type of procedure you need to wait some time, I guess in my case is because I'm doing it very gentle.
What I like about this machine is that you can select the needle adjustment length, my advice is to start in a low setting and to vary the area you're working on and "PLEASE" "DO NOT DRAG THE NEEDLES ON YOUR FACE" this is not a tattoo machine, you're not injecting ink or creating traced lines, you're puncturing your skin and you should do it as if you were padding the face, like stamping on paper and keep moving the machine do not expend time in the same spot and do not drag, my advice is to clean your face or any part on where you are planing to use this machine, and when I say clean I mean very clean, wash your face with warm water and soap and please be very gentle with this until you get accustomed to this procedure and at the minor sign of discomfort and abnormal bleeding discontinue the use of it and consult your doctor, keep in mind this is a procedure that is made by doctors in a very controlled set and they know exactly what they're doing, the exact pressure, the exact needle length for different types of tissue and besides what any manufacturer say about safety of this product it is your responsibility as an individual to look for your own safety and always consult your doctor.
This is a good machine.
Disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor and this review is solely based on my own experience on using this product and on information I have found online, and I'm not in any way liable or responsible about the way you interpret this review or use this product.

Start on low

I like that this product was offered at
a more affordable price.
I like that it is rechargeable and easy
for me to charge. It did come with the
cord and I used my phone brick to
charge it up.
I like it came with simple directions on
how to use the machine.
I like that it came with enough cartridges
to me started.
I like the carrying bag.
I like the color of the machine.
I like the cartridges have more or less needles
in them. I alternate with different pins on
different days.
I like I can adjust the depth of the pins by
turning the dial on the machine to what
feels comfortable for me personally.
I found that if the needles are to high on the
dial it will hurt if you are using the one I show in the
I tried different settings and depth’s. Some were
comfortable to me and some were not. I had to find
the right setting for me and the right head. I would advise to start on
the lowest and move up the dial when you feel comfortable
about doing so. I do like that I could feel this machine
working. I do like it has different needle heads to chose
It seems to be helping also with some scarring I have.
I like I can visibly see it making a difference.
I like I can use my own serum with this machine.
I like it has 3 speeds for pumping the needles.
I like that I can buy more cartridges from their
store and they seemed to be fairly reasonably priced.
I have enclosed pictures so you can make a informed
decision based on your own personal needs.
Yes I would recommend this product.

Go slow at first and do some research ....

So I was a little nervous about trying a micro needling kit at home but decided to give it a try.

The packaging for this unit is very nice and comes with with a total of 23 needles (ten 12 needles, ten 36 needles and 3 nano needles).

The instructions that came with it were a little hard to understand and follow and I wanted to be sure I was doing everything correctly so I went online and watched several videos and read several articles. After watching videos I was even a little more nervous but didn't let it deter me.

You will want to cleanse your face very well before using and have something on hand to hydrate your skin afterward (I chose a collagen stimulating peptide).

While using I decided to use latex gloves as you are "poking holes" in your skin so I wanted to make sure everything was as sterile as I could make it.

I just started with my forehead to start to see how that went. I used the 12 needle on the lowest setting at first to see how the pain was and it wasn't too bad (I will work up to a higher setting as I get more used to it). I did have some redness afterward but it went away by mid afternoon the next day.

Overall it is easy to use after watching some videos and reading some articles. I would recommend it to someone who wants to save some money by not going to the salon.

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